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Published December 24 2014
About the IMP Journal
After eight successful volumes the IMP Group are pleased to announce that the publication of the journal has now moved to Emerald Group Publishing. The journal remains the official journal of the IMP and we view this as the next step in the journal’s upward trajectory. The archive of the journal remains here on the IMP site. All forthcoming issues will be published by Emerald. Please visit the journal website on the Emerald platform for all information regarding the journal, the table of contents and to submit your research.

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The IMP Group was originally formed in the mid 1970s, as a research project on “Industrial Marketing and Purchasing”, by a group of researchers representing five European countries and universities; the Universities of Uppsala, Bath, UMIST, ESC Lyon and the Ludwig Maximilians University (Munich). A dynamic model of buyer-supplier relationships, the Interaction Model, was developed and used in comparative empirical studies of industrial market.